Ironmen 2018 - annual one-day men’s conference hosted by BCO February 10th, 2018


Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. (1 Cor 16:13)

Topics and speakers for the 2018 conference will be:
• Jesus As Son - Brad Arnold - Pastor, Fellowship Baptist Church, Springdale AR
• Jesus As Husband - Ted Johnson - Pastor, Bible Church of Owasso, Owasso OK
• Ministry to the Poor : Embracing Our Father’s Special Mission
  Joe Blankenship - Pastor, Springs of Grace, Tulsa OK
• Rearing Sons: Sacrificing Ourselves for Tomorrow’s Leaders
  Mike Fanning - Pastor, Sapulpa Bible Church, Sapulpa OK
• Adoption: Extending Our Family Love
  Adam Clark - Assoc Pastor, Bible Church of Owasso, Owasso OK
• Brothers, More Than Friends: Considering the True Nature of Christian Relationships -
  Terry Devitt - Assistant Pastor, Bible Church of Owasso, Owasso OK

Paul’s rousing exhortation is a popular one among Christian men, and is always good to make us stand a little taller, bow up, and inwardly resolve a little deeper to play the man. Yeah, but what kind of man? While the world and the modern church have proffered many definitions, the Scriptures and the historic church present one consistent picture and model: The Man of Jesus. A man of paradoxes: shockingly bold, yet characteristically serving. Strongly leading, yet submissively following. What does it mean to truly live as one of Jesus’ Men?