05.09.20 | COVID-19 RESTART PLAN

We are excited about the opportunity for restarting our Worship Together this Sunday, May 10, at 11:00am. 

We understand you may have questions about this gathering, so we hope the following information will provide some helpful answers.

Where will I sit?
The different seating areas are assigned by last name, and will rotate each week:

Upper Worship¬†Center, Left (South) ‚Äď enter & exit through main and upper lobby doors
Upper Worship¬†Center, Right (North) ‚Äď enter & exit through main and upper lobby doors
Lower Worship Center¬†(Gym) ‚Äď enter & exit through lower lobby and gym doors

Are children’s classes going to be offered?
Not at this time; however, we hope to be able to offer classes soon in accord with CDC guidance.
Children will need to sit with their families. Children’s class videos will still be available each week on our website.
There will be an additional nursing mothers room just off the LWC by the bathrooms. 

Will we livestream?

We plan to livestream the entire service, which can be accessed at our website homepage (link here). 
You will need to print out both the Song Lyrics and the Sermon Outline from that page as well. 

What time will the Worship Together begin?

It will begin at 11:00am and will last approximately one hour.

Do I need to wear a mask? 
Masks are not required but are somewhat effective at controlling expelled vapor in a crowd.

Is the church building clean? 
Yes; and in addition, current research shows the virus dies on surfaces well within the 7 days between Sunday services. We will monitor whether further deep cleaning becomes necessary.

Will there be hand sanitizer?
Yes, we are planning to have sanitizing stations near the doors.

What will I need to touch?  
Not much, offering bags will not be passed; offering boxes will be placed in the lobbies.
All doors will be propped open for your convenience. 
Chairs will already be spread apart to align with CDC guidance. 
Bathrooms doors will remain closed, so washing your hands is very important.
Hand shaking and hugging is discouraged for now.

Will we have greeting time?
No; initially our Worship Together will only consist of singing, prayer, and preaching. 
We will encourage everyone to fellowship outside after our Worship Together is over.

04.02.20 | DEACON FUND

The BCO Deacon Fund supports those who need financial assistance. There have been several requests from our generous body to donate to this fund, so we have added a Deacon Fund option to the Online Giving page of our website. 


We encourage all BCO active members/attenders to create an account for our BCO website to allow you to access ‚Äúmembers only‚ÄĚ information on the site (including Prayers, Kids Resources, Church Directory, etc).

To create an account¬†‚Äď simply send an email to¬†¬†¬†
If you have any questions about how it works, here’s a YouTube Link that explains things in more detail. 

NOTE: We do NOT share your contact information, and we keep directory information on restricted pages for members only, and you alone keep your login information.